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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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[No. 8.]


DIALECT.                                             (DISTKICT, KHASI AND JAINTIA HILLS,)


(U Kiri Dikhavi 1000.)
I-a     ju-kymmo    lia       u-kh'mai.
What   to-recollect about the'earthquaJce.
Ti   ka-te   ka-por a-how    u-kh'mai     toh    ti ka-jungai   ka-a    iip    ka-mi
At   that    time    arose the-earthqwfa fell   in   the-day    which died    , one
ka-juprew,   ba      alah    bow   slai.     Te   iiia   dang         wan         tep     juprew
the-person,   and     fell    with   rain,   And   I    was coming-(from) burying person
bet     nga.      Katda     kjam   le,   te     rang     sbmen   nge   ti      twui    shapoh
also     L       Because    cold   itt then   warm    fire      I   near   hearth   inside
sni.      Te    shiwiat    hi-ie    te   shloh   bet   nge sha rnukyndep, . rUe  sab nge
howe   Then little-time only then went- out just    I    to    veranda,    Then felt   1
akhing   did-did,    kai-a   kning      u-khmai,        Te    sail    diam   bet nge,  te
trembling slightly,   asrf   tremble the-earth^uake.   And listened well then I,  then
sail   nge de   rap ]ouglieh   le;  saloh   bet nge sha nudwar.      Te      poi    bet
felt    I with more   secere    ti;   went just I   to courtyard.   Then arrived just
nge nudwar,    khih  bet le jorglieh   jongheli,      Kat      amali-rben a-ju   wiar
I  courtyard) shake just it   severely   severely.   Al^igh      expect     to    cease
ube             niang      khmg le  jongheb,    Lali   tite    te     da   k'tiangdhep
nevertheless more*and-more shook  it   severely.   After that then was   afraid much
nge.      Hor,     oe-a ktiaiig be,   dang     rep     all  hi   ie la   mah-rhen hah i-a
/.     Although, with fear   alsot there something was also it to expectation for what
ju-wiar   u.     Te   lah-ada harem i-khliali atoskbana,    Te    ong ^nge,     ci-ne
will-cease   »#,    Then  after    fell      a-top     chimney.   Then   said   I,       «^«i
te da-lieh n-Prai    dei-joDg-sliynnam,1      Henle    te    dam   te-pong    ju-ngem.J
then did      God       with-earnestness.*       Now   then   ailed was-not     to*&ink?
Katte       te mah-rhen nge   du hah   i    ju-ngem hai kluk-ne shapoh   te
At-ttat.(timt) theft expected   I  only that it   to-wtoide   m wholly   inside then
dep ieiam»ne,
done U fowll.
Por a free translation see under Khassi (Standard).